Thursday, September 16, 2010

Gospel of the Broken Leg

The Disciple came to the Master and asked how to inherit eternal life. “Keep the commandments,” he replied. “All these I have kept,” he replied. “Then sell all you have and give it to the poor.” So he did, yet he did not inherit eternal life.

He returned to the Master, “I have done all you have asked. I have given away all I have. What more must I do to inherit eternal life?” “Preach the Kingdom of God in the towns and villages,” he replied.

So the Disciple did as the Master requested. As he was returning from his journey, he fell and broke his leg. Immediately the heavens opened, and he saw the Kingdom of God. He returned to the other disciples on crutches, rejoicing in the heavenly blessing.

The other disciples inquired how the illumination occurred. He explained how the heavens opened the instant his leg snapped. So the other disciples immediately began to take up clubs and break their legs!

“Stop,” shouted the Disciple, but it was too late. All their legs had been broken. “How can you now spread the Gospel with broken legs?”

The Master returned to find all his disciples moaning on the ground with splints on their legs. “What happened?” he asked. “Have you been attacked by our enemies?”

“No, Master, they replied. “We have broken our legs in order to enter the Kingdom of God.”

The Master looked at his disciples in amazement. “Then you are your own enemies. Nothing you do can bring you into the kingdom,” explained the Master. “The Kingdom of God comes in a manner you do not expect.”

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