Monday, August 23, 2010

Flannel Shirt Weather

It’s only been sixteen years since I lived year-round in New Hampshire, but I had forgotten how cool it could get here in the summer. While packing for a two month stay, we brought a mixture of summer and fall clothing, thinking we would not need the autumn apparel for quite a while. After all, we left Pennsylvania with temperatures in the eighties and with a forecast of 92 degrees the following day.

Well, we got up here Saturday night, and by Sunday night we had all the windows closed and had broken out the flannel. Some people were even wearing their parkas in church yesterday! I am not expecting a frost anytime soon, but it is a significant drop from what we were used to.

My wife read the forecast for the next few days and kept repeating, “I don’t like this weather! I don’t like this weather!” I didn’t say this to her, but I will whisper it here, “I like this weather.” After a summer of extreme heat, it is nice to have some God-made air conditioning.

There is something about flannel shirts and blue jeans that suit me. I am one of those rare birds who would rather be cold than hot. You can always put on more clothing to get warm. You can only take off so much to get cool.

I could never retire to Florida, even though much of my family (by marriage) loves it. (My biological family has more sense.) My parents-in-law think it is like heaven down there, but it feels more like hell to me … at least most of the year. January and February aren’t too bad. When I read about the Infernal Region in the Bible, I picture it as 95-degree weather with 95-percent humidity - just like Orlando in August. 

But we won’t be getting out the snow shovel here in NH anytime soon. They say it will stop raining, and the sun will come out here in a few days. I am sure I will be putting on my swimming suit and taking a dip in the lake later this week. Of course, first we will have to break the ice.

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  1. I LOVE IT TOO! New Hampshire is the best state.


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