Friday, August 23, 2013

Booking It

I just finished writing another book. I have been working on it in my “spare time.” (Ha, ha!) A little bit here, a snippet of time there. It is not a very long book, and it is certainly an inexpensive book.

I wrote another book earlier, published in 2006, entitled “More Than a Purpose.” It was a response to Rick Warren’s bestselling “The Purpose Driven Life.” My book did pretty well for a religious book written by an unknown. It sold a thousand copies in the United States. In 2009 it was translated into Korean and sold two thousand copies in South Korea. Those Koreans have good taste! But now it is out of print.

This new book is different. It is more personal, and it is published as an e-book through Amazon. (Apologies to you bibliophile purists.) Book publishing is not what it used to be. More authors are choosing to publish electronically, bypassing the traditional publishing houses. It is quicker, easier, cheaper, and the author keeps control of the process and the book rights.

The “Fifty Shades of Grey” series by E. L. James is a famous example of an author who took this route. The best-seller lists are now filled with e-books that made it to the top and are making their authors wealthy. Young Adult Romance seems to be particularly popular genre at the moment.

There was a story on CBS News recently about Jack and Jasinda Wilder, an unemployed couple from Detroit with five children, who started writing in their basement in a desperate attempt to make some money. They self-published their romance fiction as e-books and have sold nearly a million copies. One of their steamy novels, “Falling Into You,” hit the number one spot on Amazon.

But my book is not a romance. It is decidedly spiritual. It is entitled “Experiencing God Directly,” subtitled “The Way of Christian Nonduality.” The subtitle will have many people scratching their heads. But I hope if they read it, they will be nodding their heads in agreement.

I don’t expect the book to finance my retirement. In fact, I do not expect it to do as well as my previous book, which piggy-backed on the popularity of the Purpose Driven Life. But that is all right. I started writing this book as a way to personally process the changes that have happened in my own thinking.

This book comes out of my own spiritual awareness of God. I do not know who will buy this book. It has no built-in audience. But I did not write it for anyone else. I wrote it for me, and for those who have experienced, or desire to experience, God directly. Hopefully there are a few in e-book land.

Anyone interested in the book, can find it on Amazon. Here is the link: Experiencing God Directly

You do not need a Kindle or another e-book reader to get e-books. You can read e-books using the Kindle app that you can download to your computer, laptop, tablet, or iphone. The app is free from Amazon here: Free Reading Apps

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