Wednesday, June 15, 2022

The Unburnt Bush

I turned aside and eternity called my name.

“Here I am,” I said. “Who are you? Who am I?”

 “I am that I am,” said the Lord.

I am the Emptiness in which all things appear.

I am the Silence in which all sounds arise.

I am the Eternity from which time is born.

I am the Infinity in which all space resides.

I am the Awareness within which all consciousness occurs.

I am the Being that holds all creation.

I am the Love that connects all creatures.

I am the Compassion that ends all suffering.

I am the Truth to which all religions point.

I am the Life that conquers death.

I am the Way which is the beginning and the end.




Deb Hoffman said...


wd said...

This afternoon I looked up the word "vision" in a Hebrew dictionary (online) but while there, I hit an incorrect key and got the pronunciation of the Hebrew word for "people" which is pronounced "am" and that, I think, is a good definition of God-- the I AM is the People all over the earth--each made in his image, each, as you say, a version of the whole. Of course, as beautifully alluded to in your poem above, I am aware the I Am encompasses all creatures, not just people...but just sharing something that caught my attention today.
Wayne Woodrum

wd said...

just had another thought--can't spell "AMEN" without AM ...I wanted to type AMEN as a comment to your poem and realized that, too!
Wayne Woodrum